Medicine Lodge Indian Peace Treaty

A celebration of the history and heritage of Medicine Lodge, Kansas

Peace Treaty Pageant

September 28, 29 and 30, 2018

Peace Treaty pageantPeace Treaty Pageant
The reenactment of the history surrounding the signing of the peace treaty is the main event. learn more

Powwow picturePeace Treaty Powwow
Attending a powwow gives spectators the opportunity to learn more about the history of Native Americans by witnessing a centuries-old tradition. learn more

Rodeo picturePeace Treaty’s Kansas Championship Ranch Rodeo
Kansas teams are invited to compete in events much like day work on the ranch with thrilling action featuring calf branding, team penning, wild cow milking and more. learn more

Peace Treaty paradesPeace Treaty Parades
Parades on Main Street each day provide an up-close view of the actors, wagons, horses, Native Americans and more. learn more

Night showPeace Treaty’s Historical Night Show
Don’t miss the historical reenactments downtown on Friday and Saturday night. learn more

About the Medicine Lodge Peace Treaty Pageant

The Medicine Lodge Indian Peace Treaty Pageant commemorates the Great Peace Council of 1867 between the US Government and the five Plains Tribes: Apache, Arapaho, Cheyenne, Comanche and Kiowa.

The large-scale reenactment takes place in a natural amphitheater just east of Medicine Lodge in the beautiful Gyp Hills near the original site of the council where the Medicine River and Elm Creek flow together. It compresses 300 years of history into two hours of entertainment and education, celebrating the diverse cultures of the native peoples, discoverers, explorers and settlers.

The pageant is an invitation to watch history unfold. Witness the Spanish discovery with Coronado. Lewis and Clark and Zebulon Pike come alive on the prairie. The natives become unsure of their place in their homelands. Cowboys drive a herd of longhorn cattle. The settlers move west ahead of the impending railroads. Not all are peaceful journeys in the covered wagons, and the cavalry must rescue settlers from a warrior attack.

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It was 1917 that citizens of Medicine Lodge decided to commemorate the Treaty of Medicine Lodge, signed in 1867. learn more