Peace Treaty Parades

September 24 and 25, 2021 | Medicine Lodge, Kansas

2020 Peace Treaty Festival Parade

  • Bands / walking / bicycles line up on 2nd Avenue behind the Middle School playground/UMC
  • Motorcyle / ATV line up on Main Street between 2nd Ave. and Central
  • Cars / trucks / floats line up on Central Avenue
  • Horses / livestock / wagons line up on Main Street between Central and Stolp
  • Large trucks / emergency vehicles / tractors line up on North Main

Bring your lawn chair and a camera – and don’t forget ear plugs! Our cowboys love shooting their guns in the air as they ride by.

Pageant celebration parades

You’ll see Native American dancers, a wagon train, Indian Maidens, classic cars and so much more.

Highlights from 2015 Peace Treaty Pageant celebration parades